History of the Society Project

The History Of The Society (“HOTS”) Project seeks to preserve and provide access information about the history and development of the American Society for Legal History.  The resources housed on the HOTS site include historical lists of officers, board and committee members, as well as documents generated by the ASLH, and new personal histories (both videos and transcripts) of interviews of senior members of the Society. The project is sponsored by the University of Houston Law Center.


ASLH Governance ASLH Documents ASLH Personal Histories


ASLH Administrative Committees ASLH Meetings Committees ASLH Honors and Awards Committees I ASLH Honors and Awards Committees II

ASLH Other Committees

ASLH Fellows and Special Appointments

ASLH Past Meetings

The full HOTS site is available here.

For questions concerning the History of the Society project, and VERY IMPORTANT to volunteer documents that HOTS does not have but needs in order to be more complete, please email Craig Joyce <email>, founding chair of HOTS, with a copy to Charles Zelden <email>, who now joins HOTS as co-chair with Craig.