For Graduate Students

Graduate students are always welcome at the American Society for Legal History. We’re happy to have you join us! The ASLH offers many opportunities to graduate students and law students interested in legal history:

Annual Meeting: The ASLH encourages graduate students to attend annual meetings. Annual meetings are friendly and social. Students who attend get to know the field and can easily meet both senior scholars and peers who share their legal-historical interests. Registration fees for graduate students are heavily subsidized. In addition, the ASLH provides subventions for graduate students who are on the program.

Student Research Colloquium: The ASLH brings a total of eight graduate and law students to the site of its annual meeting each year to discuss their in-progress dissertations and law review articles with distinguished members of the Society.

Kathryn T. Preyer Scholars: The ASLH selects two younger legal historians each year to present papers at its annual meeting.

Hurst Summer Institute: The ASLH teams with the Institute for Legal Studies to bring twelve junior scholars to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for two weeks every other summer to discuss their own research and participate in faculty-led legal history seminars.

Membership: The ASLH encourages graduate students to join the organization. Members receive the Law and History Review, among other benefits. The Society heavily subsidizes students’ annual membership fees.

Committee membership: The ASLH values student input. It encourages graduate students to volunteer for service on one or more of the Society’s committees. Committee membership is a great way to get to know other members, to learn about the organization, and to contribute to the Society’s operations. If you are interested in volunteering for committee membership, please contact Graduate Student Outreach Committee chair, John Wertheimer <email>.

Research Fellowships and Awards: The ASLH distributes or helps to distribute several awards and fellowships. Two of these might be of particular interest to legal-historically minded law students and graduate students: the Cromwell Foundation Research Fellowships and the Cromwell Dissertation Prize.

Questions: If you have questions about any of the opportunities listed above, or if you can suggest any additional ways in which the Society could help graduate students, please contact the ASLH’s Graduate Student Outreach Committee chair, John Wertheimer <email>.