Awards for 2012

At the 2012 annual meeting, the president announced the following awards: Rebecca Scott (University of Michigan) had been awarded the Surrency Prize; James Oldham (Georgetown University), the Sutherland Prize; Daniel J. Sharfstein (Vanderbilt University), the Cromwell Book Prize; Laura M. Weinrib (Princeton University), the Cromwell Dissertation Prize; David Freeman Engstrom (Stanford University), the Cromwell Article Prize; and Tomiko Brown-Nagin (Harvard University), the Reid Book Award.

Sam Lebovic (Rutgers University) received a Paul L. Murphy Award.

Cromwell Fellowships were awarded to: James Allison (University of Virginia), Anne Fleming (University of Pennsylvania), Hidetaka Hirota (Boston College), Ryan Johnson (University of Minnesota), and Suzanne Kahn (Columbia University).

Sarah Levine-Gronningsater (University of Chicago) and Taisu Zhang (Yale University) were designated Preyer Scholars.

Chris Waldrep received the Craig Joyce Medal.