2010 Annual Report

::  2010 Board of Directors Meeting  ::
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Doubletree Hotel

2010 Board Minutes (pdf)

2010 Agenda, 2009 Minutes, 2010 Committee Reports (pdf)

Results of Elections

There were no changes in either the elected or the appointed officers this year: Constance Backhouse, president; Bruce Mann, president-elect; Maeva Marcus immediate-past-president; Sally Hadden, secretary, and Craig Klafter, treasurer.

Tomiko Brown-Nagin of the University of Virginia, Lyndsay Campbell of the University of Calgary (Canada), David Lieberman of the University of California, Berkeley, and Charles Zelden of Nova Southeastern University were elected to three-year terms on the Board of Directors. For the graduate student seat on the Board of Directors, Greg Ablavsky of the University of Pennsylvania was elected to a three-year term. They replace Alfred L. Brophy of the University of North Carolina, Mary Dudziak of the University of Southern California, Annette Gordon-Reed of Harvard University, Adam Kosto of Columbia University, and Karen M. Tani of the University of Pennsylvania (graduate student representative), whose terms have expired.

Nominating Committee
Jim Oldham of Georgetown University and Richard Ross of the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), were elected to terms on the Nominating Commitee. They replace Amalia Kessler of Stanford University and Barbara Welke of the University of Minnesota, whose terms have expired.

Prizes and Awards

Cromwell Research Fellowships

William Nelson Cromwell Research Fellowships were awarded to:
Nate Holdren, a PhD Candidate in History at the University of Minnesota for a work currently entitled:  “‘The Compensation Law Put Us Out of Work’: Workplace Injury Law, Medical Examinations, and Disability in the Early Twentieth Century United States.” Howard Pashman, a JD/PhD Candidate in History at Northwestern University for a work currently entitled:  “Enforcing the Revolution:  Law and Politics in New York, 1776-1783.” Gautham Rao, who has a PhD in History from the University of Chicago (2008) and is an Assistant Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology/Rutgers-Newark for a work currently entitled:  “At the Water’s Edge: Politics and Governance in Revolutionary America.” Karen M. Tani, who has a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania (2007) and is a PhD Candidate in History at the University of Pennsylvania and a Samuel I. Golieb Fellow in Legal History at the New York University School of Law for a work currently entitled:  “Welfare Rights Before the Movement:  Public Assistance Administration and the Rule of law, 1938-1961.”

Preyer Scholars

This year’s Preyer Memorial Committee chose two Preyer scholars:
Katherine Turk (University of Chicago) for her paper “‘Our Militancy is in Our Openness’: The Forgotten History of Gay Employment Activism and the Limits of Title VII,” and Melissa Hayes (Northern Illinois University) for her paper “Sex in the Witness Stand: Intimate Storytelling and Legal Culture in Illinois during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century.”

Cromwell Dissertation Prize

The Cromwell Dissertation prize was awarded to:
Anna Leah Fidelis T. Castañeda for “Creating Exceptional Empire: American Liberal Constitutionalism and the Construction of the Constitutional Order of the Philippine Islands, 1898-1935″—a dissertation submitted for the SJD degree at Harvard University in 2009.

Cromwell Book Prize

The Cromwell Book Prize was awarded to:
Margot Canaday, for The Straight State: Sexuality and Citizenship in Twentieth-Century America , published by the Princeton University Press in 2009.

Surrency Prize

This year‘s Surrency Prize was awarded to:
Daniel Ernst for “The Politics of Administrative Law: New York’s Anti-Bureaucracy Clause and the O’Brian-Wagner Campaign of 1938,” which appeared in the Law and History Review 27:2.

Sutherland Prize

This year’s Sutherland Prize was awarded to:
Emily Kadens for her article, “The Puzzle of Judicial Education: The Case of Chief Justice William de Grey,” which appeared in the Brooklyn Law Review 75:1.

Reid Book Prize

The John Phillip Reid Prize for the best book in legal history published in English during the previous the calendar year was awarded to:
Catherine L. Fisk, for Working Knowledge: Employee Innovation and the Rise of Corporate Intellectual Property, 1800-1930, published by the University of North Carolina Press in 2009.

Other Board Business

Elections. The Board authorized the Secretary and the chair of the Membership Committee to work out a system for electronic balloting in the Society’s elections with a view to having this system in place in time for next fall’s election.

Student Dues. The Board voted to reduce student dues from $25.00 a year to $15.00 a year, beginning in 2012.