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2016 ASLH Annual Meeting – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The meeting will take place in Toronto, Canada from October 27, 2016 to October 30, 2016. The Fairmont Royal York Hotel, directly across the street from Union Station, is the meeting site. The guest room rate is C$199 per night, and hotel registrations may still be available via the hotel registration page. The ASLH Program is now available. Lauren Benton, Dean of the College of Arts and Science and the Nelson O. Tyrone, Jr. Chair in History at Vanderbilt University, will be delivering the Plenary Lecture entitled “Legal Panics and the Constitution of Empire.”

The deadline to Pre-Register for the 2016 ASLH Annual Meeting was October 3, 2016. If you missed the deadline, you will be able to register on-site. Registration will open at 2:00pm on October 27, 2016 in the Ballroom Lobby of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

The on-site meeting registration fee will be substantially discounted for ASLH members.  If you are not yet a member or have let your membership lapse, please join or renew your ASLH membership before registering for the annual meeting.  You can join or renew your ASLH membership here.



Visitors entering Canada must clear Canada Customs border security upon entry. US citizens MUST have a passport to enter Canada. Citizens of other countries may, in addition, be required to obtain a visa. Citizens of visa-exempt countries, other than US citizens, may, in addition to a passport, also need an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) (available online) if entering Canada BY AIR. This is a new requirement for travel after September 30, 2016. Find out if you need a visa or eTA here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp. If you need a visa, please email the ASLH Treasurer for an invitation letter and Canada Border Services letter. For additional information about documentation required and border procedures please visit the Canada Border Services Agency’s website.

Conference attendees may be asked for proof that you are attending the Conference and it may be useful to have a copy of your registration on hand.



Toronto’s Union Station is centrally located downtown, directly across the street from the conference hotel. It connects to the PATH (underground pedestrian walkway that connects much of the downtown) and to the subway by underground tunnel.



From Pearson International Airport to Fairmont Royal York Hotel

UP Express Train

UP Express Group Rate for the ASLH Annual Meeting 2016

The best means of transportation between Pearson International Airport and the Fairmont Royal York Hotel is to take the new light-rail line called the Union Pearson Express (“UP Express”). The terminus of the line is Union Station, which is directly across from the meeting hotel. The UP Express depart every 15 minutes and the journey takes just 25 minutes. The first train departs Pearson Station at 05:27 and the last train departs at 00:57.  The UP Pearson Station is located right beside the blue Link Train at Terminal 1, connecting travellers to Terminal 3. UP Express tickets may be purchased from an UP Express Guest Services Representative at UP Pearson Station at time of travel for only $9.00 CDN (credit card only) for a one-way adult fare when you show confirmation of ASLH meeting registration (print or digital).  Your ticket to return to Pearson Airport can be purchased at UP Express Union Station at time of travel (meeting registration confirmation required).  Alternatively, you can purchase tickets in advance online or by using the UP Mobile App, but regular rates apply. For seniors, a cheaper rate is available ($12 CDN roundtrip).



From Pearson International Airport

Terminal-1 Terminal-3 Domestic Arrivals Terminal –3 International Arrivals
Taxis & Limousines Taxis & Limousines Taxis & Limousines
Doors C & D


Door B Door F


REGULATED FARES FROM PEARSON AIRPORT TO FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK HOTEL (as posted on Toronto Pearson International Airport web-site 05.07.2016)

TAXIS: $53.00CND* plus tip

LIMOUSINES: $58.00 CND* plus tip

Travel time: approximately 30 minutes (longer in rush hour)

*It is important to confirm the rate before the ride, as arriving travellers are sometimes quoted a higher fare.



Complimentary express shuttle bus every fifteen minutes between Billy Bishop Airport and 123 Front St W (one block west of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel);

Taxis – available at taxi stand just outside the ferry terminal

Travel time: approximately 15 minutes



PUBLIC TRANSIT: Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto has an extensive public transit system that includes subways, streetcars, and buses. The Conference Hotel, Fairmont Royal York, is situated on Front Street, just north of Union Station (the major hub for rail and subway). The TTC is a single-fare system: for example, if you need to switch from subway to streetcar to reach your destination, you do not need to pay again on entering the streetcar, provided you show a valid transfer.

Subway map: https://www.ttc.ca/Subway/interactive_map/interactive_map.jsp#

Streetcar line map: https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Maps/TTC_Streetcar_network_map.pdf

SINGLE ADULT FARE: $3.25 cash fare (exact change/tokens/tickets); proof of payment required (transfer obtained from driver or machine).

Tickets, tokens, and day passes available for purchase in subway stations (and at some variety stores).



Fares are metered and non-negotiable. The driver must start the meter at the beginning of your ride and stop it when you reach your destination.  Fare Rates for 1- 4 Passengers:

  • For the first 0.143 km or part thereof: $3.25
  • For each additional 0.143 km or part thereof: $0.25
  • For waiting time while under engagement, for each 29 seconds: $0.25
  • For each additional passenger in excess of four: $2.00
  • Tips: If your services were acceptable, a 10-15% tip is customary.WALKINGRUNNING/JOGGING: see Toronto’s Running Trails; ASLH Conference attendees might be interested in the Waterfront Trail.
  • Toronto’s downtown underground pedestrian walkway – the PATH – links the Conference Hotel to the heart of the City’s downtown. Map of the PATH.



Host an ASLH Conference

The American Society for Legal History’s Standing Committee on Annual Meetings solicits volunteers from the Society’s friends to serve as local arrangements chair for the Society’s future Annual Meetings. Interesting venues, affordable hotel rates, tax exemption for out-of-state non-profits and reasonable funding support for meeting events are highly favored in site selection. Contact the committee’s chair, Craig Joyce of the University of Houston Law Center at <email>.