Award Announcements for 2012

The relevant committees and subcommittees have announced the competitions for the Cromwell Book Prize, the Cromwell Article Prize, the Cromwell Dissertation Prize, and the Reid Book Award. For information click on the name of the prize/award or view Awards by 2012.

At the 2012 annual meeting, the president announced the following awards: Rebecca Scott (University of Michigan) had been awarded the Surrency Prize; James Oldham (Georgetown University), the Sutherland Prize; Daniel J. Sharfstein (Vanderbilt University), the Cromwell Book Prize; Laura M. Weinrib (Princeton University), the Cromwell Dissertation Prize; David Freeman Engstrom (Stanford University), the Cromwell Article Prize; and Tomiko Brown-Nagin (Harvard University), the Reid Book Award.

Sam Lebovic (Rutgers University) received a Paul L. Murphy Award.

Cromwell Fellowships were awarded to: James Allison (University of Virginia), Anne Fleming (University of Pennsylvania), Hidetaka Hirota (Boston College), Ryan Johnson (University of Minnesota), and Suzanne Kahn (Columbia University).

Sarah Levine-Gronningsater (University of Chicago) and Taisu Zhang (Yale University) were designated Preyer Scholars.

Chris Waldrep received the Craig Joyce Medal.