Honorary Fellows

Election as an Honorary Fellow of the American Society for Legal History is the highest honor the Society can confer.  It recognizes distinguished historians whose scholarship has shaped the broad discipline of legal history and influenced the work of others.  Honorary Fellows are the scholars we admire, whom we aspire to emulate, and on whose shoulders we stand.

Prior to 2011, there were two categories of elected fellows–Honorary Fellows, who were residents of the United States or Canada, and Corresponding Fellows, who resided and worked elsewhere.  To acknowledge the growing international reach of the Society–as reflected in its membership, the participants at the annual meeting, and the scholarship published in Law and History Review and Studies in Legal History–the members of the Society amended its by-laws to discontinue the category of Corresponding Fellows and to create a single category of Honorary Fellows drawn from the world-wide community of scholars of law and history.  All Corresponding Fellows were invited to join the new expanded category of Honorary Fellows, and all accepted.

The names of the Honorary Fellows, with their year of election and, where available, the citations marking their induction, appear below.

(*)  Originally elected as a Corresponding Fellow
(†)  Deceased

2016Natalie Zemon Davis, University of Toronto
Bernd Rüthers, Universität Konstanz
Christopher Tomlins, University of California, Berkeley
2015Hendrik Hartog, Princeton University
Diane Kirkby, LaTrobe University
John McLaren, University of Victoria
2014Mary Frances Berry, University of Pennsylvania
Charles Donahue, Harvard University
Antonio Manuel Hespanha, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
2013Douglas Hay, York University
Susan Reynolds, University of Oxford
Reva B. Siegel, Yale University
2012John M. Beattie, University of Toronto
Linda K. Kerber, University of Iowa
Bruce R. Kercher, Macquarie University
2011Philip Girard, Dalhousie University
William E. Nelson, New York University
2006Morton J. Horwitz, Harvard University
Anne Lefebvre-Teillard, Université Panthéon-Assas (*)
2005Laura Kalman, University of California, Santa Barbara
2004R.H. Helmholz, University of Chicago
Kjell Modéer, Lunds universitet (*)
2003Paolo Grossi, Università degli Studi di Firenze (*)
2001Hector L. MacQueen, University of Edinburgh (*)
Peter G. Stein, University of Cambridge (†)
Michael Stolleis, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (*)
1999Morris L. Cohen, Yale University (†)
Kathryn T. Preyer, Wellesley College (†)
Harry N. Scheiber, University of California, Berkeley
1998Lawrence M. Friedman, Stanford University
Harold M. Hyman, Rice University
W.A.J. Watson, University of Georgia
1997Ennio Cortese, Università di Roma (*)
1994Peter Landau, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (*)
A.W.B. Simpson, University of Michigan (†)
1992J.H. Baker, University of Cambridge (*)
Leonard W. Levy, Claremont Graduate School (†)
1990Stanley N. Katz, Princeton University
1989John T. Noonan, Jr., United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (†)
1988Richard B. Morris, Columbia University (†)
John Phillip Reid, New York University

[prior years]

Morris S. Arnold, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Raoul C. van Caenegem, Universiteit Gent (*)
S.F.C. Milsom, University of Cambridge (*)
David Daube, University of California, Berkeley (†)
John P. Dawson, Harvard University (†)
Charles Fairman, Harvard University (†)
George L. Haskins, University of Pennsylvania (†)
J. Willard Hurst, University of Wisconsin (†)
Stephan G. Kuttner, University of California, Berkeley (†)
Gaines Post, Princeton University (†)
A. Arthur Schiller, Columbia University (†)
Samuel E. Thorne, Harvard University (†)

Corresponding Fellows

(†)  Deceased

Helmut Coing, Max-Planck-Instituts für europäische Rechtsgeschichte (†)
François Dumont, Université de Paris II (†)
Robert Feenstra, Universiteit Leiden (†)
Alfonso García-Gallo de Diego, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (†)
Jean Gaudemet, Université de Paris II (†)
André Gouron, Université de Montpellier (†)
Emile Lousse, Université catholique de Louvain (†)
Henry G. Richardson, Goudhurst, United Kingdom (†)
G.O. Sayles, University of Aberdeen (†)
Thomas B. Smith, University of Edinburgh (†)
André Tunc, Université de Paris II (†)
Franz Wieacker, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (†)