Cromwell Fellowships

In 2018, the William Nelson Cromwell Foundation will make available a number of $5,000 fellowship awards to support research and writing in American legal history by early-career scholars. Early career generally includes those researching or writing a PhD dissertation (or equivalent project) and recent recipients of a graduate degree working on their first major monograph or research project. The number of awards made is at the discretion of the Foundation. In the past several years, the trustees of the Foundation have made five to nine awards. Scholars who are not at the early stages of their careers may seek research grants directly from the Foundation.  For more information, see the Grants page at

Application Process for 2018

The Committee for Research Fellowships and Awards of the American Society for Legal History (ASLH) reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the Foundation. (The Cromwell Foundation was established in 1930 to promote and encourage scholarship in legal history, particularly in the colonial and early national periods of the United States. The Foundation has supported the publication of legal records as well as historical monographs.)

Applicants should submit a description of their proposed project (double-spaced, maximum 6 pages including notes; include a working title), a budget, a timeline, and a short c.v. (no longer than 3 pages). The budget and timeline can be part of the Project Description or separate. (There is no application form.) Two letters of recommendation from academic referees should be sent directly to the Selection Committee via email attachment, preferably as .pdf files. Applications must be submitted electronically (preferably in one .pdf file) no later than midnight July 6, 2018.

Please send all materials to the Selection Committee at <email> [cromwell (@)].

Successful applicants will be notified by early November. An announcement of the awards will also be made at the annual meeting of the American Society of Legal History.


Members of the Committee for Research Fellowships and Awards, 2018
Serena Mayeri (2016), Chair, University of Pennsylvania <email>
Leonardo Barbosa (2015), CEFOR/Câmara dos Deputados, Brazil <email>
Sandra VanBurkleo (2015), Wayne State University <email>
Kenneth Mack (2016), Harvard University <email>
Katherine Turk (2016), University of North Carolina <email>
Tracy Steffes (2017), Brown University <email>

YearAwarded to -
2016Marie-Amélie George, Elizabeth Katz, Jonathan Lande, Maria Montalvo, Yael Schacher, Adam Wolkoff
2015Brooke Depenbusch, Smita Ghosh, Alexandra Havrylyshyn, Amanda Hughett, Mary Mitchell, Jeffrey Thomas Perry, Kathryn Schumaker, Evan Taparata
Lee B. Wilson
2014John M. Collins, Scott De Orio, Helen Dewar, Nancy O. Gallman, Jane C. Manners, Emily Margolis, Samanthis Q. Smalls
2013Matthew Axtell, Michael Caires, Sara Damiano, Kellen Funk, Jeremy Kessler, Michael Schoeppner, Sarah Seo, Jameson R. Sweet
2012James Allison, Anne Fleming, Hidetaka Hirota, Ryan Johnson, and Suzanne Kahn
2011Cynthia Greenlee-Donnell, Melissa Hayes, Jeffrey Kahn, Kimberley Reilly
2010Nate Holdren, Howard Pashman, Gautham Rao, and Karen M. Tani.
2009Kevin Arlyck, Mark Hanna, Kelly Kennington, Felicity Turner, and Kyle Volk
2008Sophia Lee, Leah Weinryb Grosghal, and Laura Weinrib
2007Lindsay Campbell, Christopher Schmidt, Hilary Soderland, and Joshua Stein
2006Christopher Beauchamp, Kenneth W. Mack, Kunal Parker, Nicholas Parrillo, and Daniel J. Sharfstein
2005Ajay K. Mehrotra, Bernie D. Jones, Paul L. Castro