Current Officers, Directors & Committees

The dates in parentheses after each name indicate when the person’s term began.  Members of the Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee, and all standing committees with the exception of the Finance Committee serve for terms of three years.  Members of the Finance Committee serve for terms of five years.

Lists of officers, directors, and committee members for previous years may be found here.

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President: Michael Grossberg, Indiana University <email>
President-Elect: Rebecca J. Scott, University of Michigan
Secretary: Sally Hadden, Western Michigan University <email>
Treasurer: Craig Evan Klafter <email>

R. B. Bernstein (2011), New York Law School <email>
Susanna Blumenthal (2013), University of Minnesota <email>
Margot Canaday (2012), Princeton University <email>
Jane Dailey (2013), University of Chicago <email>
Cornelia Dayton (2013), University of Connecticut <email>
Christian G. Fritz (2011), University of New Mexico <email>
Daniel W. Hamilton (2011), University of Nevada, Las Vegas <email>
Linda K. Kerber (2011), University of Iowa <email>
Amalia Kessler (2011*), Stanford University <email>
Jeremy Kessler, (graduate student representative) (2013), Yale University <email>
Michael Lobban (2013*), Queen Mary College, University of London <email>
Bruce H. Mann (2013) (Immediate Past President), Harvard University <email>
Reuel Schiller (2012), Univeristy of California, Hastings <email>
Mitra Sharafi (2012), University of Wisconsin <email>
David S. Tanenhaus (2012*), University of Nevada, Las Vegas <email>
Karen Tani (2012), University of California, Berkeley <email>

* Executive Committee Member


The appointments for 2013 are listed below.

ACLS Delegate 
Constance Backhouse (2012), University of Ottawa <email>

Standing Committee on Conferences and the Annual Meeting
Craig Joyce (2011), Chair, University of Houston <email>
Kevin Arlyck (2012), New York University <email>
R. B. Bernstein (2013), New York Law School <email>
Lyndsay Campbell (2013), University of Calgary <email>
Josiah Daniel III (2011), Vinson & Elkins LLP <email>
Craig Evan Klafter (ex officio) (Treasurer) <email>
Polly J. Price (2012), Emory University <email>
Rebecca Scott (ex officio) (President-elect), University of Michigan <email>

Advisory Committee on the Cromwell Prizes
John D. Gordan III (2013), Chair, William Nelson Cromwell Foundation <email>
Alfred L. Brophy (2011), University of North Carolina <email>
Andrew Cohen (2013), Syracuse University <email>
Jane Dailey (2012), University of Chicago <email>
Laura Edwards (2011), Duke University <email>
Christian Fritz (2011), University of New Mexico <email>
Daniel W. Hamilton (2012), University of Illinois <email>
Alison LaCroix (2013), University of Chicago <email>
Thomas Mackey, University of Louisville (2013) <email>
Catherine MacMillan (2013), Queen Mary College, University of London <email>
Michelle McKinley (2013), University of Oregon <email>
Kristin A. Olbertson (2012), Alma College <email>
Christopher W. Schmidt (2013), Chicago-Kent College of Law <email>

Book prize subcommittee
Jane Dailey, Chair, Andrew Cohen; Laura Edwards, Thomas Mackey
Article prize subcommittee
Alfred L. Brophy, Chair; Daniel W. Hamilton, Kristin A. Olbertson, Michelle McKinley (2013), University of Oregon
Dissertation prize subcommittee
Christian Fritz, Chair; Catherine MacMillan; Christopher W. Schmidt; Alison LaCroix

Committee on Documentary Preservation
Michael J. Churgin (2011), Chair, University of Texas <email>
Mary Sarah Bilder (2012), Boston College <email>
Georgia Chadwick (2011), Law Library of Louisiana <email>
Michael Griffith (2013), Santa Clara County Archivist, retired <email>
Peter L. Reich (2013), Whittier College <email>
Keith Ann Stiverson (2011), ITT Chicago-Kent <email>
Michael Widener (2012), Yale University <email>

Finance Committee
Thomas P. Gallanis (2010), Chair, University of Iowa <email>
Constance Backhouse (2012), University of Ottawa (Canada) <email>
Barbara Aronstein Black (2010), Columbia University <email>
Charles Donahue, Jr. (2010), Harvard University <email>
Michael Grossberg (ex officio) (President), Indiana University <email>
Hendrik Hartog (ex officio) (Chair, Projects and Proposals Committee), Princeton University <email>
Laura Kalman (2012), University of California, Santa Barbara <email>
Craig Evan Klafter (ex officio) (Treasurer) <email>
Carl Landauer (2010), General Counsel LOYAL3 <email>
Bruce H. Mann (ex officio) (Immediate Past President), Harvard University <email>
Rebecca Scott (ex officio) (President-elect), University of Michigan <email>
Rayman L. Solomon (2013), Rutgers University, Camden <email>

Graduate Student Outreach Committee
John Wertheimer (2012), Chair, Davidson College <email>
Ananda Burra (2012), University of Michigan <email>
Catherine L. Evans (2012), Princeton University <email>
Patricia Minter (ex officio) (Chair, Membership Committee), Western Kentucky University <email>
Barbara Y. Welke (2012), University of Minnesota <email>

H-Law Moderators 
Charles L. Zelden, Lead Moderator, Nova Southeastern University <email>
Kenneth E. Aldous, Moderator, Independent Scholar <email>
Jerome S. Arkenberg, Moderator, Independent Scholar <email>
R. B. Bernstein, Moderator, New York Law School <email>
Jonathan Lurie, Moderator, Rutgers University, Newark <email>
Carla Spivack, Moderator, Oklahoma City University <email>
Ethan Zadoff, Book Review Editor, City University of New York <email>
John Acevedo, Web Editor, University of Chicago <email>

Honors Committee
Laura Kalman (2013), Chair, University of California, Santa Barbara <email>
Constance Backhouse (2011), University of Ottawa <email>
Robert W. Gordon (2011), Stanford University <email>
Kenneth F. Ledford (2012), Case Western Reserve University <email>
Bruce H. Mann (2013), Harvard University <email>

Willard Hurst Memorial Fund Committee 
Elizabeth Hillman (2011), Chair, University of California, Hastings <email>
Lauren Benton (2012), New York University <email>
Fahad Bishara (2012), Harvard University <email>
Rebecca Mclennan (2012), University of California, Berkeley <email>
Dylan Penningroth (2012), Northwestern University <email>
Mitra Sharafi (2011), University of Wisconsin <email>
Barbara Welke (2013), (ex officio) (Hurst Institute Leader), University of Minnesota <email>

Editors, Law and History Review
Elizabeth Dale, Editor, University of Florida <email>
Felice Batlan, Associate Editor (Book Reviews Americas), IIT Chicago-Kent <email>
Will Hanley, Associate Editor (Book Reviews non-Americas), Florida State University <email>

Local Arrangements Committee (Denver, 2014)
Tom Romero, II, Chair, University of Denver <email>
Carolyn Ramsey, University of Colorado
Mithi Mikherjee, University of Colorado
Susan Schulten, University of Denver
Dan Cordova, Colorado Supreme Court Library
Gregory Kerwin, 10th Circuit Historical Society

Membership Committee
Patricia Minter (2011), Chair, Western Kentucky University <email>
Thomas J. Davis (2011), Arizona State University <email>
Tim Huebner (2013), Rhodes College <email>
Kelly Kennington (2013), Auburn University <email>
Craig Evan Klafter (ex officio) (Treasurer) <email>
Adam J. Kosto (2013), Columbia University <email>
Tahirih Lee (2013), Florida State University <email>
Sarah L. H. Gronningsater (2012), McNeil Center for Early American Studies/California Institute of Technology <email>
Cynthia Nicoletti (2012), Mississippi College <email>
Logan E. Sawyer III (2012), University of Georgia <email>
Reuel Schiller (2013), University of California, Hastings <email>

Nominating Committee
Michael Willrich (2012), Chair, Brandeis University <email>
Daniel R. Ernst (2013), Georgetown University <email>
Ariela Gross (2012), University of Southern California <email>
Lucy Salyer (2011), University of New Hampshire <email>
Daniel Sharfstein (2013), Vanderbilt University <email>

Kathryn T. Preyer Memorial Committee
Gautham Rao (2011), Chair, American University <email>
Sam Erman (2013), University of Southern California <email>
Serena Meyeri (2013), University of Pennsylvania, <email>
Michael A. Schoeppner (2011), California Institute of Technology <email>
Karen Tani (2011), University of California, Berkeley <email>

Program Committee for the Annual Meeting (Denver, 2014)
Joanna Grisinger, Co-chair, Northwestern University <email>
Mitra Sharafi, Co-chair, University of Wisconsin <email>
Ari Bryen, West Virginia University, <email>
Amy Chazkel, CUNY Graduate Center <email>
Adam Hofri-Winogradow, Hebrew University <email>
Katrina Jagondinsky, University of Nebraska-Lincoln <email>
Tom McSweeney, William and Mary <email>
Carolyn Ramsey, University of Colorado <email>
Sarah Staszak, CUNY <email>
Charlotte Walker-Said, John Jay College <email>
Fei-Hsien Wang, Cambridge University <email>
Nurfadzilah Yahaya, Washington University <email>

Projects and Proposals Committee
Hendrik Hartog (2013), Chair, Princeton University <email>
Peter C. Caldwell (2012), Rice University <email>
Margot Canaday (2012), Princeton University <email>
Thomas P. Gallanis (ex officio) (Chair, Finance Committee), University of Iowa < email>
Philip Girard (2012), Dalhousie University (Canada) <email>
Michael Grossberg (ex officio) (President), Indiana University <email>
Sally Hadden, Western Michigan University <email>
Elizabeth Hillman (ex officio) (Chair, Hurst Committee), University of California, Hastings <email>
Craig Evan Klafter (ex officio) (Treasurer) <email>
Kenneth Mack (2013), Harvard University <email>
Emily Margolis (2012), Duke University <email>
Rebecca J. Scott (ex offico) (President-Elect) University of Michigan <email>
Daniel J. Sharfstein (2011), Vanderbilt University <email>
Christopher L. Tomlins (2012), University of California, Irvine <email>

Publications Committee
Laura Edwards (2013), Chair, Duke University <email>
Simon Baatz (2012), John Jay College of Criminal Justice <email>
Stuart Banner (2011), University of California, Los Angeles <email>
Holly Brewer (ex officio) (Co-editor, Studies in Legal History), University of Maryland <email>
Li Chen (2013), University of Toronto <email>
Elizabeth Dale (ex officio) (Editor, Law & History Review), University of Florida <email>
Thomas A. Green (2013), University of Michigan <email>
Sarah Barringer Gordon (ex officio) (Co-editor, Studies in Legal History), University of Pennsylvania <email>
Martha S. Jones (2011), University of Michigan <email>
Craig Evan Klafter (ex officio) (Treasurer) <email>
Michael Lobban (ex officio) (Co-editor, Studies in Legal History), London School of Economics, University of London (UK) <email>
Jim Phillips (2013), University of Toronto <email>
Lena Salaymeh (2011), University of California, Berkeley <email>
Charles L. Zelden (ex officio) (Lead Moderator, H-Law), Nova Southeastern University <email>

Committee on the John Phillip Reid Book Award
Sophia Z. Lee (2011), Chair, University of Pennsylvania <email>
Nicholas Parrillo (2013), Yale University <email>
Richard J. Ross (2012), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign <email>
Laura Weinrib (2011), University of Chicago <email>
Steven Wilf (2011), University of Connecticut <email>

Committee on Research Fellowships and Awards
Cornelia Hughes Dayton (2010), Chair, University of Connecticut <email>
Victoria D. List (2012), Washington and Jefferson College <email>
Kunal Parker, University of Miami (2011) <email>
Yvonne Pitts (2013), Purdue University <email>
Michael Vorenberg (2013), Brown University <email>
Victoria Saker Woeste (2012), American Bar Foundation <email>

Editors, Studies in Legal History
Holly Brewer, University of Maryland <email>
Sarah Barringer Gordon, University of Pennsylvania <email>
Michael Lobban, London School of Economics, University of London <email>

Surrency Prize Committee
Kenneth F. Ledford (2013), Chair, Case Western Reserve University <email>
David Abraham (2011), University of Miami <email>
Kristin A. Collins (2011), Boston University <email>
Elizabeth Kolsky (2011), Villanova University <email>
Matthew P. Harrington (2011), University of Montreal <email>

Sutherland Prize Committee
Daniel M. Klerman (2012), Chair, University of Southern California <email>
James Oldham (2013), Georgetown University <email>
Joshua C. Tate (2011), Southern Methodist University <email>